Creating harmony in your home.

We're real parents and we're here to bring the joy back to parenting.

We want families to have a better chance of success by giving them the right tools.

We believe that parenting is not about being perfect. It's about being real.

We believe that good homes foster good souls - and good souls give back to the world.

9 children, 6 siblings and 97 cousins may have had something to do with Lisa's desire to study parenting. Lisa took a parenting class based on Adlerian (Alfred Adler) theories that proved to be the most humbling experience of her life. She learned that to raise loving, responsible, confident and happy children she would need to start with herself. So Lisa started taking more classes. She started applying the tools and little by little her home became a calmer place to be and her job as a mother didn't really feel like a job at all. Lisa founded The Parenting Playbook to bring these life-changing tools to more families. By applying them, you will enjoy deeper harmony, peace and understanding in your home.

Lisa’s theory and methodology made sense to me and I knew instinctively they would work. Now, my home is much more harmonious and I feel good about my parenting.

-Brittany, mother of three

After attending the class, I am less stressed, more confident in my parenting, and I enjoy a more peaceful, balanced home where I no longer feel the need to yell.

-Maggie, mother of three

Lisa’s classes made such an impact on how I view parenting and how I communicate with my kids. Power struggles and stress are no longer central themes, and my entire family is happier!

-Kim, mother of two

Lisa's parenting class is the best thing I have done as a mother. It should be a requirement for all parents.

-Juli, mother of two